We would like to thank the Association of Physicians of Ambulatory Medicine for their assistance in examining the displaced persons. The association comprises 21,000 physicians from different countries such as the United States, Israel, Ukraine, and others, and provides humanitarian aid to medical facilities and doctors. During times of war, the association assists affected populations, hospitals, and medical centers in Ukraine, as well as centers for displaced persons.

Many doctors from various medical fields associated with AAP arrived at our shelter to conduct examinations. The medical teams included pediatricians, cardiologists, surgeons, traumatologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, otolaryngologists, dermatologists, allergists, infectious disease specialists, ultrasound doctors, and other specialists. They arrived with their medical equipment and conducted necessary research while also prescribing medications to those displaced persons who needed them. We are very grateful to the representatives of AAP for their examinations and for the medications used to treat the diagnosed illnesses.

During times of war, the medical profession becomes particularly meaningful, as it is crucial and vital to saving lives. These individuals literally save lives every day. We thank them for their service and offer our utmost respect and admiration.