We would like to thank Aliada Mansurova for her help to our shelter. She is a member of the Dnipro City Council, head of the political party “Servant of the People” faction in Dnipro, head of the permanent commission on ethics, motherhood, childhood and partnership of the Dnipro City Council, and head of the public organization “Leader D”.

After the shelter and the Charity Fund “Dobro na Amuri” began operating, representatives of the city authorities visited us several times to check the conditions for temporarily displaced persons who had to move to our city from areas where active hostilities are taking place. We would like to especially mention Aliada Mansurova’s contribution to the activities of our institution. As a representative of the government and simply a compassionate person, she cares about the issues of supporting the displaced persons and offered her help, for which we are very grateful. For example, on the eve of winter 2023, she brought almost a ton of vegetables and fruits to our shelter. This allowed us to go through the difficult period of cold weather with dignity and provide food for the residents of the shelter.

Thank you, Aliada! We appreciate your support and assistance in these difficult times for Ukrainians.