We would like to express our gratitude to the charitable organization “Kolo” for their assistance to our shelter. With the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the charitable foundation “Kolo” redirected its activities to support people affected by military aggression from Russia. The foundation is engaged in projects such as the evacuation of the population from regions where active combat operations are taking place, meeting the needs of hospitals, and transporting humanitarian aid. They have set up coordination centers throughout Ukraine and in Poland. Today, the foundation sorts, distributes, and delivers humanitarian aid to various regions where it is most needed. The humanitarian kits provided by the foundation to the residents of our shelter supported them and helped them adapt to the difficult living conditions of displaced persons. Our organization’s volunteers also work to make their lives easier, to make them forget the horrors of war as much as possible, and to help them live in normal conditions. We thank the staff of the “Kolo” NGO for their help. We are always happy to cooperate with you.