37th Separate Motorized Infantry Battalion “Zaporizhzhia”
We express our gratitude to our defenders – the soldiers of the 37th Separate Motorized Infantry Battalion “Zaporizhzhia”. We met them when we handed over a portion of the humanitarian aid we received from volunteers and charitable organizations. After that, the battalion representatives started visiting us and also providing assistance. They congratulated shelter residents on New Year’s Eve, brought food and treats for the children. Displaced persons, especially children, are happy to receive such guests because they are the ones who defend Ukraine from enemies, protect our land, and strive to bring peace and tranquility back to us.

We thank our beloved soldiers for their help during this difficult time for them and for us. We praise and respect you, dear “Zaporizhzhia” soldiers, for your courage, bravery, and other good human qualities. We believe in a quick victory for Ukraine and are waiting for it! Please come back home soon!